Adaptation (Climatic Change Adaptation)

In human systems, the process of adjustment to the real or projected climate and its effects, in… more

Annualized Loss Expectancy(ALE)

The ALE is calculated as the product of the anticipated losses for a determined event and the… more

Assets of the State's Fiscal Responsibility

A portfolio of exposed elements that includes public assets and in some cases the assets of the… more

Business Continuity Plan

Its aim is to analyze the entity's vulnerabilities in order to create and validate logistics… more

Climate Change

A change in the state of the climate that can be identified (for example, through statistical… more

Contingency Plan

These are alternative procedures of immediate response, whose aim is to enable a company's… more

Contingent Liability

Traditional liabilities are characterized because the conditions that determine the value of the… more

Corrective Management (Intervention)

A process aimed at reducing the existing risk levels in a society or subcomponent of society,… more

Critical Infrastructure

See Vital Facilities.


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